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Naturally and intensely marbled. In addition to the marbling, the Wagyu Cross brisket has a generous fat cap that melts and further enhances the rich flavor of the meat. Whether roasted to perfection or smoked to infuse a smoky depth of flavor, our Wagyu Brisket is versatile and adaptable, making it ideal for a wide range of culinary applications and perfect for your next large gathering or barbecue event.

Indulge in the natural and intense marbling of our Wagyu Cross brisket, ensuring each bite is infused with unparalleled richness and juiciness that only Wagyu can deliver.

Half (small) - 3.5+ lbs. | $64.
Half (medium) - 5.5+ lbs. | $88

Whole (medium) - 8.0+ lbs. | $128
Whole (large) - 10.0+ lbs. | $160